The TIMS Programme

Our response to the issues we have identified has been to deliver a programme for youth work and personal development programmes for young people (14 – 24) to enable them to explore their aspirations, options, and to realise their dreams.

The aims of the programme are to:

Re-engage young people who are involved in or at risk of becoming involved in a lifestyle that will have negative consequences. In the school community, workplace and at a neighbourhood level we are developing City Role Models – role models from the local community, people who are known and recognised. They help people with their everyday problems; give advice and guidance/1:1 coaching and support, and deliver training and employment to local young people. Their purpose is to be positive role models and compete with the current negative influences in the community such as drugs, crime and gang culture.

Support young people through workshops and weekly programmes of diversionary activities. Enabling young people to take part in regular activities they feel part of that also provide coaching and mentoring act as a preventative measure and as a positive intervention for those wanting positive, lasting change in their life.

Community engagement exercises. Since October 2015 we have facilitated group discussions with over 600 Somali youths as part a series of NHS Liverpool CCG – commissioned engagement programmes on behalf of clients Kaalmo youth Development

The programmes and 1:1 coaching and mentoring increase confidence and self-awareness, and identify strengths. Each programme is created around the participant(s) so is focused on their specific needs, interests and aspirations. Participants set personal goals and action plans in respect of education, employment, training or volunteer work in the community. They get to know each other well and form a natural peer mentoring and support group.

The approach we use helps people identify and build on their own strengths – it is not about something external being offered to them. In that sense whatever they do will enhance their awareness of their own talents and qualities and always remain with them. A key aim is to help participants increase their inner resilience.

The Outcomes – does it work?

In a word …YES!

Our programme is informed, influenced and ultimately self-led by those we engage with. The approach is different from any other form of training, awareness raising event, development day or course they will have attended. The TIMS programme combines strengths-based approaches with creativity and coaching skills to enable the participants to discover and imagine their possible positive futures

Participants gain insights and clarity on what they want and how they are able to achieve this. The peer mentoring and support groups enable them to continue to have a positive, likeminded network to meet with. They have better life chances and are more orientated towards skills development and improved employability.

Access to this programme will help them to develop skills, increase their feelings of self-worth and self-esteem, and broaden horizons.

Specifically we see outcomes in terms of:

• Self-worth – improved self-image and a sense of dignity
• Self awareness – of their strengths, potential, and multiple intelligences including emotional intelligence
• Belief that they both deserve and can have a positive future
• New skills enhancing employability, and with renewed confidence the option of self-employment
• Coping strategies
• Clients becoming more active members of the community
• Resilience – coping with ups and downs of everyday life consistently
• More trust, which leads to better relationships

There is also skills development in the areas of:
• Listening skills
• Working in groups – experience of team work and task completion
• Producing a strengths inventory
• Interviewing and conducting conversations
• Asking questions

Participants have moved into volunteering, employment and self-employment – read their stories on our ‘Stories’ page

We are aware that traditional means of marketing and publicity are not always appropriate and so we will ensure we invest time and energy into talking to people and community groups as we know that word of mouth and recommendation are more effective in many situations.


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