TIMS Board includes 5 Directors who meet monthly and are in daily contact in respect of operational matters and forward planning. Directors have been appointed on the basis of their potential involvement in the development of company work streams and for the particular skills and experiences they have to offer. There no employees in post at present with delivery undertaken by facilitators, trainers and coaches paid on a fee basis.

Adam Taylor, Founder Director

My idea for TIMS has evolved over time and I have been actively working to make it a reality for two years. I feel as though my whole life has been leading to this — because of my own life story I am now committed to helping others.


TIMS comes from someone in the same circumstances as the people it is trying to reach with the intervention programme: – me. I am a previous offender, recovered drug addict/alcoholic/smoker, who has overcome severe mental health problems.


I am a strong believer that the mixture of practical and creative influences is the best way to change a person’s life.


I’ve made a difference already — working with young people to inspire greater aspiration. I appreciate the consequences of my actions, and want to help others avoid the same mistakes, which is why I am developing the prevention programmes as well.


It has the potential to be life-changing: I am living proof of that! I have faced up to the challenges and have turned my life around. Every day just gets better!

Debbie Fitzsimmons, Chair

Debbie is a highly experienced youth worker, project worker counsellor and coach. She has worked with young people for over 30 years in a range of settings both the UK and United States.

Debbie keeps it real, keeps us focused and is a fantastic coach. She has a genuine passion for working with young people, and she is a really supportive team player.


“After seeing what coaching has done for me, I want to share it with others who are struggling in similar situations, so that they can overcome their challenges in the same way I have…


… I am committed and dedicated to making a difference. I am passionate about equality and fairness both in my professional and personal life. I work well on my own initiative; I am resourceful and creative, while enjoying being a team player and/or a team leader”.

Mike Hobbs, Director

Mike is a highly experienced business development manager with over 20 years of achievement in developing funding strategies for a range of public, private and 3rd sector organisations across the North West region; considerable experience of developing projects through consultations, followed by bid and tender preparation and submission, project management, audit and post-completion work.


He has also worked extensively in community engagement through the arts, is a vastly experienced facilitator and has extensive experience working with young people.

Phil Taylor, Company Secretary

Phil has over 25 years experience of running citywide engagement programmes, project and events management. For 5 years he was involved in the design and delivery of Liverpool Capital of Culture communities’ programme and he managed public budgets in excess of £4million.

Phil is a qualified coach, facilitator and has trained in Skills Based Approach (how we can work with people so that they are motivated to do more of what works). He also has a successful track record in securing grant income for community groups and writing winning bids for contracts.

But more importantly, he has a positive, calming influence on the rest of the team. His extensive experience around mental health is invaluable to TIMS, as is his desire to make a difference.

Sophie Middleman, Treasurer

Sophie works as an office manager for a financial services company. She brings excellent organisational and administrative skills to the team. She is responsible for TIMS’ systems development, project tracking and financial records.

She has years of personal experience around the issues that we are targeting. She has over come mental health and life threatening situations, then blossomed into the amazing lady that she is today.

“I’ve seen the difference this work makes in people’s lives and like the rest of the team I am committed to continuing to make help people make positive changes in their lives”


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