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03 August 2018

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Revved Up

Revved up


Alongside our granby nights and stanley park lodge we have another project called Revved Up. We take children and young people off road quad biking and motocross to prevent them from taking part in illegal, unlicensed and dangerous bike rides.


TIMS always asks the young people what they want, finds out how to get it for them and then encourage the young people to take part and deliver it. Revved Up has come from consultations, one to one coaching sessions and requests via social media.


Our first couple of trips we had taken mixed groups (from both Toxteth and Anfield ) to an off road quad biking experience in Chester. Usually north liverpool and south liverpool do not get along, this is because of race, area code gang war, drug feuds and religion.


By bringing the two areas together on these bike trips, it was brilliant to see the young people realise how much they had in common with one another. They bonded, educated each other about their own areas and became friends, hopefully preventing negative beliefs about one another’s area.


The next part of Revved Up was simple. Out of our own pockets, we purchased a quad bike, the necessary safety equipment, tools and found a place for Revved Up to set up a base. We found a storage unit with three massive car parks that we have permission to use. It is on private property, we have the necessary insurance, it’s safe, we have permission and its LEGAL.


By having something that they can access regularly, we have noticed that the young people taking part haven’t engaged in any illegal bike rides. We also have competitions that involve young people finding severe motorbike crashes/incidents that have been caused due to lack of road safety and illegal activity.  The self discovery of the severity in these cases gives the young person a deeper understanding into “WHY” they shouldn’t get involved.


By giving them an opportunity to do it properly, we are preventing crime. There have been several deaths in Liverpool recently due to motorbike related crime and the police are not interested in supporting any prevention other than crushing illegal motorbikes. We have to find our own funding, pay out of our own pockets and get permission from private landowners.



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