Granby Nights

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07 July 2017

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Granby Nights


TIMS have worked with the young people in Toxteth over 2 years.


We have provided a safe enviroment for young people to socialise, given one to one Life Coaching/mentoring, delivered training, business start up and detached work across the whole of L8.


In April and May 2015 we ran personal development pilot for Kaalmo: ‘My Story, My future’. Everyone involved enjoyed the programme and made positive Long, Medium and Short term goals for the future. We still engage with many of those involved and we are pleased to say, that we have been able to maintain a positive relationship with them and keep them motivated.


We then delivered conversation and interview training for volunteers in preparation for them working on a range of community consultations with us. From June 2015, we were contracted in to engage with the young people of the Somali community on a series of seven community engagements. The training came in useful because we managed to take on local people who we trained, to carry out some of the interviews and be paid for it.


From April to August 2016 we have delivered Granby Nights. Initially to be a three-day course, we had learned from the pilot and following consultation exercises that a regular weekly session with a youth club was more effective (part of CCG-funded programme)


Over 20 weeks, 25 – 30 young people came along on a Friday evening, to sit-off, play on the PS4s – and to talk about their futures. They have told us they are clearer on what they want from life, and what they are going to do to get it.


The positives from this work have supported a successful Children in Need award to enable weekly sessions to continue since November.




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