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13 February 2017

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4T talks on – selfies, shooters and taking heavy pictures

4T (Time To Talk TIMS) explains

“Why it’s a bit daft to pose with a live fire arm…”

Right then, you visit a friend and somewhere in his house, a field, an entry or even in his jacket etc. is a strap. First thoughts for some people are “whaat, that’s heavy!” closely followed by “Selfie?” or “take a picture!”

So we’re gonna explain why it might be “a bit bang on” to pose with one…

“It’s not like I’ve killed anyone”


We at TIMS know a few men and women who have been falsely imprisoned for murder/attempted murder. If your dabs are on a weapon that is used for something, chances are, you’re getting the blame if you’re on the system. They (police) can also use technology to recognise you, even if you’re only showing the smallest bit of face.

Even if you aren’t on the system it can come back to bite you in the a** later in life if you get pulled, and according to Firearms – Section 51A Firearms Act 1968 (as inserted by section 287 Criminal Justice Act 2003) you could be looking at 5 YEARS MINIMUM… F*** that, mate.

● “I like guns though” TIMS likes giving people alternatives, that’s what we do best. So, what else can you do instead of get selfies with a rust bucket that’s been used to light someone’s house up?

● Clay pigeon shooting. That’s right, actually go and shoot a proper one. The guns are better, shinier and less likely to blow your f****** hand off. And, as an added bonus, you get to fire it and get a beast of a video, with your face showing so people know it was you….

● Rifle ranges. Pretty much the same as above, but, you can shoot better guns as well.

● Deactivated firearms/replicas. Now, this is the clever bit. Whilst they ARE real guns, and you can’t walk around outside with them, it is legal to own them. You can have one, take all the pictures you want, no one gets hurt! You won’t get a criminal record, get discriminated your whole life, refused employment and you get to look the part with a sick piece.

● Alternatively… You could have a think about WHY you want the picture in the first place? Are people tryna hurt you? Are you trying to impress people? Does the picture make you feel more confident? If any of these are true, there are better ways to deal with them than having gangster image, in our experience, it makes things worse.

If you just have a genuine fascination with firearms, the list above is for you… But for anything else, get in touch so we can point you in the right direction.



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