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19 January 2017

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4T talks on Mental Addiction and some of the signs

4T (Time To Talk TIMS)

Explains – “how to spot mental addiction”


As we all know, drugs make you feel boss (when you’re on them) and people use them most weekends to escape their normal lives and either relax, or get off their barnet and get hyped up etc. when drugs wear off its f****** sh*t and you either really want some more, or you never want to do it again… TIMS is going to share “how to tell if you should swerve them” either for a bit, or for good.


“What the f*** is mental addiction?”


If you don’t know already, most drugs are only addictive in your mind (COKE, WEED, MDMA) but others are physically addictive and you can have a seizure if you stop suddenly because your body is dependent on them to survive (ALCOHOL, PAINKILLERS, HEROIN). We’re talking about the mental side of things on this one, please see your GP or speak to your local drug and alcohol advisory service if you need help to come off something, WHATEVER IT IS because they are the real ones who can help, this is just a guide to the signs of mental addiction. Alternatively, tell someone who you trust can help you or search the web (TALK TO FRANK, INTUITIVE RECOVERY ETC.)


“I don’t have a problem, take it or leave it, mate”


This is all well and good with us, but read this b****** anyways, you never know, you might like it?




As you read the below list, please be honest with yourself. I you realise that you are doing these things, please sort it before it gets off it’s head and you end up smashed every day covered in sick, tryna rob steaks from the Co OP.


  • Making excuses – you know who you are, giving it “me ma kicked me out, so I’ve got nothing else now” and “me fella keeps doin me head in so I’m just gonna get on it”. This is addiction f****** with you, swear kid.
  • Causing arguments – linked with the point above, sometimes we make bad things happen so we have excuses to get off our faces.
  • Lying – this is a major one. Under every lie you tell that keeps your sexy little habit a secret, sits a nasty addiction that has convinced you that it’s your best mate. If you find that you are lying to others to get money, get them to come and get smashed with you or feel sorry for you, this is a warning kidda.
  • Money – if you would rather by that, than buy food, it’s time to cut down. If you have to walk home because you’ve spent up because of the drug, same applies. Some people can’t trust themselves, so when they get paid, they will pay everything as fast as possible and then use the rest on it, this is the same sign, you’re just learning to live with it… that can be worse though!
  • Doing it when you don’t want to – If the day before you were crying, begging for help and then the next, you’re out on it again, you have gone against what you really want. Addiction is not wanting to, but still doing it anyways.
  • Every other day – if the gaps between each time you have it are getting smaller, take notice, soon it could be every day. This also applies to “long weekends”.
  • Laughing – obviously not just in general, most people laugh now and again, unless you’re me and you laugh all day for no reason because your heads just, gone. If you are laughing about how much you take, or even bragging, sort ye cap out! No one’s a***d, it just makes you look like a bad punter, and this is the addiction holding your hand, saying “haha just laugh it off”.


As is our custom here on 4T, we are gonna give legal alternatives, if you want to get in contact, please get in touch so we can help.


  • Be happy! – sounds f****** obvious? We know, but you’d be surprised how many people are depressed and don’t know it. If you do one thing a day that makes you happy, you’ll be better for it.
  • Celebrate another way – take the hundreds of pounds that you would of spent in a tiny, sweaty room that’s full of people you don’t really like, and do something good with it! Go on holiday with your partener or your mates, do some survival sh*t, paintballing, spa days, shopping, make your room or house a palace, at least you’ll have something to show for it.
  • Get proper mates – there is a difference between fellow users, and proper mates… proper mates will come and see you without drugs.
  • Get sexy – ok, a bit on the vein side, but if you start looking after yourself by going the gym and sh*t, it’ll make you wanna do it less and you’ll look 10/10.
  • Eat properly – food can be boss. You can go out to fancy places to have it, or experiment with healthy, tasty things at home.
  • Play with something – first of all, get your head out of the gutter, this isn’t that kind of article… but secondly, if you have something fun you like to do, get out there and do that! I can’t stand the word “hobby” because it makes me feel like an old man perving out of a care home window, looking at a book full of stamps… but you catch my drift, kid.


We at TIMS, never tell you what to do, but we ask that you be honest and think about how to deal with it yourselves. There is plenty of advice out there for people in these shoes, go and get it. If it’s causing you a problem, get out there and make it f*** off!




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